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12V 65Ah Lead Acid Battery

Brand : Yangtze Battery
Product origin : China
Delivery time : Within 10 days
Supply capacity : 20000 units / month

As a big battery manufacturers in China, we supply many different kinds of batteries , such as the lead acid AGM battery , Gel battery , Deep cycle battery , OPzV Tubular battery , OPzS Tubular battery ..etc .

The following is our 12V 65Ah Lead Acid Battery features :

1. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free

2. PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self-discharging

3. High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit

4. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional);

5. Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion & promotes long battery life

6. Silver-coated copper terminals (T1, T2 terminal), brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity

7. Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion & promotes long battery life

8. Oversized partition intercell welds, providing low resistance connections & minimal power loss  

1. Functional Parameter 5. Environment Temperature
Nominal Voltage 12V Discharge Temperature -15~50
Nominal Capacity (10 hour rate) 65Ah Charge Temperature 0~40
Number of Cells 6cells Storage Temperature -15~40
2. Rated Capacity at 25 (77° F) 6. Inner Resistance & Max . Discharge Current
10 hour rate (0.1C, 10.8V) 65Ah Fully Charged battery at 25 (77° F) 6.35mΩ
3 hour rate (0.25C, 10.8V) 49.5Ah Max. Discharge Current 950A (5s)
1 hour rate (0.55C, 10.5V) 37.3Ah Short Circuit Current 3150A
3. Capacity affected by Temperature (10 hour rate) 7. Self-discharge at 25 (77° F)
40 (104° F) 103% Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
25 (77° F) 100% Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
0 (32° F) 85% Capacity after 9 month storage 73%
-15 (5° F) 65% Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
4. Dimension and Weight 8. Constant voltage charging at 25 (77° F)
Length 350mm Cyclic use 14.4~14.9V
Width 166mm Maximum charging current 15.8A
Height 175mm Temperature compensation -30mV/
Total Height 175mm Float use 13.6~13.8V
Reference Weight 19.9kg Temperature compensation -20mV/

12V 65Ah Lead Acid Battery Typical Applications :

1.Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

2.Electric Power System (EPS)

3.Emergency light

4.Emergency backup power supply

5. Electronic apparatus and equipment

6.Aircraft signal

7. DC power supply

8. Communication power supply

9. Auto control system

10.Alarm and security system

11.High Power Backup Supply

12. Medical equipmen

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