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Solar Battery 12V 120Ah

Brand : Yangtze Solar Battery
Product origin : China
Delivery time : Within 10days
Supply capacity : 20000 units/month

As a big battery manufacturers in China, we supply many different kinds of batteries , such as the lead acid AGM battery , Gel battery ,Deep cycle battery ,Solar Battery , OPzV Tubular battery , OPzS Tubular battery ..etc .

The following is our Solar Battery 12V 120Ah features :

General Features

1. Good cyclic property. Enhanced overcharge endurance and over discharge recovery property

2. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)

3. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free

4. Lower acid density, excess of electrolyte and larger distance between plates to keep battery at low
temperature and slow down plate grid corrosion speed

5. High purity raw material: ensure low self discharge rate

6. Special vent valve design: control water losing, prevent air and spark going inside

7. Unique plate group configuration, high quality AGM separator and battery management system ensure battery with a longer service life

1. Functional Parameter 5. Environment Temperature
Nominal Voltage 12V Discharge Temperature -20~60
Nominal Capacity (10 hour rate) 120Ah Charge Temperature 0~50
Number of Cells 6cells Storage Temperature -20~60
2. Rated Capacity at 25 (77° F) 6. Inner Resistance & Max . Discharge Current
10 hour rate (0.1C, 10.8V) 120Ah Fully Charged battery at 25 (77° F) 4.5mΩ
3 hour rate (0.25C, 10.8V) 87.5Ah Max. Discharge Current 1800A (5s)
1 hour rate (0.55C, 10.5V) 66.7Ah Short Circuit Current 6000A
3. Capacity affected by Temperature (10 hour rate) 7. Self-discharge at 25 (77° F)
40 (104° F) 103% Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
25 (77° F) 100% Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
0 (32° F) 85% Capacity after 9 month storage 73%
-15 (5° F) 65% Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
4. Dimension and Weight 8. Constant voltage charging at 25 (77° F)
Length 406mm Cyclic use 14.4~14.9V
Width 173mm Maximum charging current 30A
Height 210mm Temperature compensation -30mV/
Total Height 236mm Float use 13.6~13.8V
Reference Weight 35.2kg Temperature compensation -20mV/

Solar Battery 12V 120Ah Typical Applications :

1. Green energy systems (solar, wind, hydro, etc)

2. Solar power stations

3. Pump systems

4.Telecommunications installations

5.Measurement stations

6. Boats or buoys

7. Signal station

8. Survey and Mapping system

9. Emergency lighting

10. Caravans

11. Traffic lights

12. Street lightening

13. Lawn lamp

14. Street signs

15. SOS pillars

16. Alarm installations

17. Weekend cottage camping

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